Avilon Zoo Teaser



Most of the people around me know how much I love animals. Last Novemeber, my family and I visited Avilon Zoo in San Mateo, Rizal. It was quite a trip getting to the place (here's how to get there) but the moment we saw what we came for, our hearts just melted in awe (what can we do, we just love animals!).

Avilon Zoo, San Mateo Rizal --- which animal would
you love to take home with you? 

The place isn't stellar, just a regular zoo. But I think Avilon houses a huge collection of exotics and wildlife more than any other zoo in the Metro. I noticed how much they tried to feature the animals minus the rusting cages that we Filipinos normally see at zoos. And instead, they gave most of the animals a feel of their supposed habitats. That's enough reason for us to shell out 300php/head ($8, we normally pay around $3 to get into zoos in my country) entrance fee.

Avilon Zoo set-up for some set of avians

I really had fun during those days we went there (we traveled on 2 separate dates to tour the entire place FULLY--- we took pictures and spent time observing how the animals behaved).

I will be doing a series of posts for my Avilon Zoo experience so I hope most of you can stay tuned.

If today were a fish, I'd throw it back
Crocs On Gluta


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