Down With the Flu

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I'm still down with fever and flu! I'm sorry for the lack of beauty stuff posts and for not being able to visit the blogs I love to read.

It's a few days before Christmas and I just wish these fish would take away the flu...

"If today were a fish, I'd throw it back..."

These are the photos my little sister took during our stay at Avilon Zoo. I hope you liked them as much as we all did :)

For my local readers, if you are still looking for a program to support this Christmas, I hope you can consider PAWS' Wishlist Project.

PAWS’ “Twelve Days of Christmas” Wish List:
1. dog cage       – approximately  P3,000/cage
2. kennel cab (L)- approx. P5,000/cab
3. cat cage        – approx.  P  400/cage
4. Spot-On Tick & Flea treatment – approx. P200/pipette
5. Cat Food (canned) – approx. P40/can
6. Cat Food (dry/kibble) – approx. P800/8kg. bag
7. Prescription Diet Dog Food A/D (canned) – approx. P80/can
8. Vaccines or various medicine for cats and dogs – range: P100 to P600/drug or vaccine
9. Canon iPIXMA 1300 black or colored ink cartridge – approx. P900/cartridge
10. Powdered detergent soap – approx. P120/kg.
11. Energy-saving light bulbs -  approx. P110/bulb
12. Virgin coconut oil – approx. P120/ 250ml. bottle
Outdoor cattery renovation
Welded wire sponsor P500
Angle bar sponsor P500
Paint sponsor P200
Labor sponsor P350
Complete breakdown of materials needed for  new outdoor cattery
1. Welded wire – 22pcs x P500 = P11,000
2. Angle bar – 36 pcs x P500    = P18,000
3. Angle bar – 5 pcs (roof) x 5   = P  2,500
4. Paint & welding rod             =  P  2,000
5. Labor (max 3 weeks)
P350/day x18 days x2 pax   =  P 12,600
P  46,100
*Special thanks to CATSLAIR for sponsoring the indoor shelves and renovation of the cat quarantine area.
Our very best wishes to you and all your loved ones (including the four-legged members of your family) this holiday season!
-The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
Our bank account details are on the poster and in ph. Donors may also drop off  donations at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) at Aurora Blvd, Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights, QC.
Please Contact PAWS for more details on how to get your donations across.


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