Online Shopping At ASOS



I'm sorry to be keeping The Beauty Bin from having its regular posts since I've been really busy with stuff these days including (drumrolls please...) ONLINE SHOPPING! No need to line up for long hours (hello, Forever21 Manila) and suffer from Manila's unbelievable traffic jam. Say hello to ASOS, a UK online shopping community.

I've been thrilled to avail of Stephanie's Free Shipping and 15% discount at Julu Jewelry during my last post. Now comes another treat, dear readers! ASOS will be offering FREE SHIPPING this Yuletide (I'm hyperventilating! That's already over £10 in savings!!!)

And the best part about it? There are cool cosmetics discounts for everyone. But I'm filtering through their wide range of clothing for now and I'm snagging the best deals, too!

I'm carting this babe,errr, baby, below!

Alas, the long search
for a lace boudoir is over!
Perfect underneath jackets!

Can't get over jumpsuits? You'll lust for their collection!

Some articles and cosmetics may be a little bit pricey, but try skimming through the clearance stuff (for clothes, UK 6-8's are mostly out of stock, just check the drop-down menu) for the best deals. Some items are on sale, too (outside the clearance sale list) so be sure to check the rest of the items.

Coupon codes are available HERE to make your shopping a little less heavy on the pocket (gets the guilt out, eh?)

Huge discounts, free shipping --- shopping justified! LOLxxx Head to ASOS now!


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