Wish Lip and Cheek Tint Review

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Wish Lip and Cheek tint in Magic Red is a cheap alternative for those who fancy 2-in-1 tints.  I got myself a tube at Watson's a few days ago and I was so excited to put the cheap product to a test.

At 89php (~$2), you actually get what you pay for: the flimsy packaging, the sticky feel and the ugly fingertip stains. However, the clear tube is definitely stronger than you think. I loved how magically red it turned out on my lips that I looked back at the plastic lip tube and shook my head in disbelief, "this stuff really works".

Wish Lip and Cheek tint in Magic Red
89php @ Watson's

On the lips: Unlike The Body Shop's lip and cheek tint, Wish's color pay-off is very promising!  You only need a teeny weeny amount, spread it evenly on the lips, and you build the color from there. I also love how it really stains the lips. I noticed that even after eating, my lips are lovely pink!  Also, for those who do not fancy scented/flavoured products, this isn't for you.  Wish has a strong strawberry flavour!

Wish lip & cheek tint: A tiny amount offers a faint pink hue

On the cheeks: If you're already struggling putting color on the cheeks using a wand applicator, Wish will give you an even more difficult time getting an au naturale blush. It is a pain to get the right amount of tint out of the tube! You end up wasting a lot of product while staining your fingertips big time. But anything can be achieved with practice so I'm not giving up on this product just yet.

It's clear on the tube, but red on the lips and cheeks!

On a positive note, the tint glides magically (once again) on the cheeks and does not dry out easily (easy to blend).

It is actually an easier lip tint than a blusher. It is very sticky on the cheeks while it's perfectly fine on the lips.  But you can always work your way around it as a blusher through practice. I just love those moments where you purse your lips or rub your cheeks and that clear jelly substance just turns magically red.

Frequently compared to: Smashbox O-glow 

Pros: affordable, locally available, stains lips and skin for several hours, non-drying, little amount of product already gives outstanding color, highly blendable (no need to worry about creating streaks or spots)

Cons: very sticky on the cheeks (not good!), high risk of overapplication (both lips and cheeks), quite messy especially for beginners, flimsy packaging

Trying out Wish lip and cheek tint as a lip stain and blusher

Helpful hints: 

  • Seal the tube TIGHTLY.  Otherwise, all the stuff around your lip and cheek tint tube gets an instant flush, too! Not nice.
  • Tone down cheek color if you overapplied by putting powder on top of it. This also allows a less greasy/sticky cheek.
  • Hold the Wish lip and cheek tint tube upright (capped part on top) when squeezing out the product. And please don't squeeze like there's no tomorrow.
If you feel like Wish lip and cheek tint in Magic Red didn't work for you, you might want to opt for their Strawberry variant instead. I'm eager to try it too since it has a more subdued color, the perfect antidote to always overapplying this reviewed variant.


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