Lip Ice Fruity Lip Balm in Strawberry

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In the spirit of Lip Ice (you must've bumped into Pammy's and Phoebe's reviews by this time), I'm also doing a review on one of its popular variants, Lip Ice Fruity.  

I was lucky enough to get mine from a giveaway that I won (Phoebe's).  

Lip Ice Fruity Lip Balm in Strawberry, 3.5g, 89php
Available @ Watson's and SM Beauty

Pros: First off, Lip Ice Fruity w/ SPF15 is a good lip product to to get your hands on if you want a colorless lip conditioner that's affordable and non-greasy. It works well on dry and chapped lips even in an airconditioned room, but as with most lip balms, apply when necessary.  It's not some miracle product that will turn your lips hydrated the WHOLE day with one application.

Lip Ice is brought to you by Rohto-Mentholatum Malaysia

I love the fruity scent/flavour! I got the Lip Ice Strawberry variant and the flavour is just right for my liking. It may appear strong when you first apply it due to the mentholated feature, but the entire thing dies down in a few minutes.

I compare it to: Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm; both lip balms have beeswax and are not icky sticky.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, P300+, 4.25g
Lip Ice Fruity, P89, 3.5g

I find that I need more application with Lip Ice Fruity than Burt's Bees
The minty feel also lasts longer with Burt's Bees

Cons: If you love some color on your lips, you ought to try their Lipcolor Balm or Sheer Colour variants instead. That'll save you a few bucks (that you can spend on Wish lip and cheek stain instead LOL). They also suggest pairing Lip Ice Fruity with the other colour variants for added colour, but I feel that doing that will already be too heavy on the lips (I tried my Sheer Colour+Fruity --- didn't like it).

Photo Edited from Lip Ice Facebook Page
available Fruity flavors are: Strawberry, Lemon, Apple,
Mandarin Orange and Grape Blackcurrant

Are you still swiping on some petroleum jelly on the lips (like my little sis... haha, I know what to give her this Christmas)?  Break free from it through Lip Ice products!

Lip Ice Fruity is a nice product that can fill in for your expensive balms when you run out of stock. It's a nice and affordable set to collect, too, either for your self or for gifting during the holidays!


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