4U2 Envy Makeup Set

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The first time I encountered 4U2 products was when I got hold of their Gemtone Quad in Moonstone. I even did an amateur EOTD (my first ever, actually!) using the affordable eyeshadow quad. Now that they have released a new line called 'Envy', I grabbed the chance to purchase a 4U2 Envy Makeup Set (feel free to click on pics for a ginormous view of pigments).

4U2 Envy Makeup Set in 01... it's no deadly sin!

They have really stepped up this time. The 1 1/8" x 1 1/8" palm-size box contains 3 eyeshadows, a blusher, an eyeshadow applicator, a blush brush and a mirror!

4U2 Envy Makeup Set in 01 Net wt 6g
Also comes in 5 other shadow+blusher combos (#02-#06) 

It's not a fantastic packaging though. It's a lightweight plastic (rather flimsy) and the sad thing is that it can be a bit difficult to open the box (or was it just me?).  Nevertheless, the palette seals tightly and it's just totally jaw-dropping that the tiny 4U2 Envy palette has a matchmaking set of shadows and a blusher (plus tools!).

Swatches. I have never tried any blush from this brand but I have to say I'm really impressed with how pretty palette 01's blush is on the skin.

4U2 Envy Makeup Set 01 Blusher's swatch

Why isn't 4U2 naming their pigments? Even with the other quad, I had to play silly and name it S1, S2, S3 and S4 for reference. These lovely colors deserve a name for themselves! I forgot to do so with the pretty blusher but I took the liberty of naming their amazing shadows:

I baptize you 'Clean', 'Sin' (coz you look like UDPP Sin) and 'Tempt'
no primer to boost the shadows' colors, only used The Body Shop's crayon concealer

During that last post on the Gemtone quad, I ranted that I may have bought an expired palette. This time, the 4U2 Envy Makeup Set's manufacturing and expiry dates are blatantly displayed on a sticker on the product's seal (hard to miss)... so that's really good.  Mine will expire on 2013 (manufactured mid 2010).

[Can you help me name the blusher? And did you like the new names of the shadows?]

I will be reviewing the entire set in-depth during the next post lest I bore you once again with my long posts. I know Lysa won't be bored, but I won't keep you. I'll let you drool on the palette for now and give you the juicier stuff that the 4U2 Envy Makeup palette has in store for you later!


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