Forever21 Layered Necklace



There's romance in layering necklaces to fit both your outfit and your mood. But when you're running late for wherever you're headed to, the romance in mixing-and-matching pieces just stops.

Thank heavens for instantly layered necklaces.

I got my first multi-layered necklace last week from F21 when I went out with Pammy and Crystal. I bought this piece below because it's something that would go well with most of my tops.  And it's affordable, too!

Forever21 layered mix necklace
 368php @ F21Manila, $5.80 website

Forever21 necklace: mix of pink crystal and gold chains

It's more or less a hundred pesos more expensive than that on, but it is a fair price to pay compared it to getting it via preorders or having the necklace shipped to a U.S. post.

I think it's a good buy. Not an outstanding necklace, but I know I'll be able to use it often so that's a big bang for my buck!

Have you had great bargains from Forever21 accessories, too?


  1. Abigale
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