Happy Holidays Everyone!


Now that I feel much better (after battling fever+flu), I'm a bit sad that I have such limited time to browse the net, blog and visit my favorite pages. There's just so much things to do during Christmas/New Year holidays! However, I'm just glad that I'm in better shape now and I'd like to thank those who sent their wellness wishes for me (love you peeps!).

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and that I'm hoping everyone's enjoying the few days 2010 is leaving us with. This year will always hold a special place in my heart since its last quarter was when I made and met a good number of beauty bloggers!

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I will be blogging real soon as I have a lot of good stuff to share (I survived oiliness! I have clearer, less oily skin now! Will fill you in with the routine that improved my face in a few days). I will also be dropping by your page before the countdown to 2011.


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