It's Official --- Tathion Makes Me Fatter

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You know that I stopped taking in glutathione tablets (tathion307) for over a month now to fairly conclude how my affordable and local obagi works on my skin.

I've tried two of the best glutathione brands in the market, ph338 and tathion307.  I previously ended my whitening bout with ph338 because of weight gain issues.  Tathion307 didn't make me gain weight for the first few months (well, i'd like to think that).  I gained weight despite taking the tabs just once a day (recommended dosage: 3 tabs daily for both brands).

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I weighed myself a while ago.  I lost 5lbs!  From 108 lbs, I'm now down to 103!

Some users say that there are no weight gain issues with oral whitening stuff.  Too bad for me that I did encounter it.  I'll have to stop taking it, I guess.  Or should I take it according to its dosage recommendation to avoid weight gain? Ugh, I don't know.  I'm just done with glutathione products for now.


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