Review: Revlon Aquamarine Lotion

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It was love-at-first-slather.

I first used it on my elbow that was bound for a keloid scar. I got that wound from being dragged by my 9-month old pit who chased a ball while I was walking him (think: asphalted road kissing my skin. and i was too dumb not to let go of my pup's leash).

The wound I had was at its earliest stage of forming an ugly keloid when I used Revlon Aquamarine lotion on it. Thank God for friction massage plus Revlon Aquamarine's collagen-rich formulation, my wound skipped the trip bound to ugly keloidness (is there such a word?), and now, I can barely see the scar.

Revlon Aquamarine Body Lotion for Extra Dry Skin, 437 mL
Vitamin A and Collagen enriched
Purchased at Watson's (also availble in selected grocery marts), 140PHP (~ $3)

The Edge:
  • cheaper than your Victoria's Secret, Calgon and B&BW haul
  • softly scented; boyfie'll tell you, "ang bango mo naman!"
  • love how easily it seeps through the skin! no greasy feel!
  • it's a moisturizer and a keloid-buster in one (for keloids, use Revlon Aquamarine in conjunction with cross-fiber massage)
  • skin gives a healthy glow after application
  • stubborn and dry skin will truly be moisturized!
  • a pea-size covers a big area because of its thick consistency. One big bottle lasts me three months daily use (AM and PM)

  • sooner or later, Revlon Aquamarine won't be available locally (my relatives in the US are having a hard time looking for this already. BTW, US stores sell this for a little over a dollar)
ROYAL RATING: Spend-worthy? Absolutely! It should get an award. I'm giving it

Slathering it on area B

You don't need to shell out a lot to get a superb body moisturizer. I say Revlon Aquamarine Lotion deserves to be tested. I've been using it for more than three years now since that fateful pulled-by-the-pup incident (he was technically a pup, he's just 9 months... weighing 27 kilos and with superb gameness). I sure hope you gals can try it out too and relate to the rave I'm doing on the web :)

What's your body lotion staple? Will you want to try Revlon Aquamarine out? Lemme know.
Royally yours, Bleak


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