Summer-Perfect Hand Cream

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Skinfood's Pineapple Hand Cream perfectly fits the summer season mainly because it smells like real pineapple. Before you get freaked out by the scent, let me tell you that it smells like pineapple... IN A VERY POSITIVE WAY. Everytime I put this on, my folks would tell me how nice it smells.

Skinfood Pineapple Hand Cream, 45mL
Around 600+PHP (~ 13)

The Edge:
  • scent spells out summer: it's pineapple right at your fingertips! (pun intended)
  • moisturizes the driest hands
  • small amount should do; product goes a long way

  • feels kinda greasy if you accidentally put on too much
  • tends to make the hands too shiny instead of moisturized-matte (perhaps because I don't have dry skin type)
  • it's too liquefied. it should be a cream, duh!

Less is more: a little amount is good enough to minimize the ugly lines on your hand
and moisturize it!

(L): I accidentally squeezed out too much product
(R): Too flowy. I sort of expected a creamier prod

ROYAL RATING: Spend-worthy? Not really. There are cheaper alternatives. I just use this product during special occassions, say, holding hands with boyfie *royal chuckle*. No, really. That's when I use it coz he loves the scent on my hands.

Hands are so precious that it needs to be pampered after a long day's work. Why not try giving your hands some massage using a hand cream/lotion? It's a stress reliever for me!

Royally yours, Bleak


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