Review: D&G Light Blue Dupe

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D&G's famous fragrance, Light Blue, is most probably included among the top ten perfumes worn by most women in our country. I love this scent not only because it draws a helluva 'ttention on the lcuky spritzer, but because it makes a girl fell like a real princess!
But because of the cost (I think a hundred mL bottle costs around 4,000+PHP or $100) and the fact that I'm not a perfume person, I just sniff and become wistful whenever a girl, wearing D&G Light Blue, passes me by.

Last year, I bumped into a D&G Light Blue Dupe, would you believe? It's at Jellybean, Trinoma.

Sicilian Kiss, eau de toilette
Bought at: Jellybean Boutique (branches at Trinoma, Megamall, Galleria, SM North, etc)
Amount: 199PHP (got this Nov '08) or ~ $4

The Edge:
  • i swear by the claim that it is a total dupe of D&G Light Blue
  • waaaaay cheaper
  • locally available
  • cute packaging! (but I believe that they changed it into a different container this year...booo!)
  • since it is D&G Light Blue's dupe, you can make heads turn too at just a fraction of the real thing's cost!

  • smell fades in less than an hour
  • you need to spray on quite a lot of the product (to make heads turn; but a little of it is good enough to bask in D&G Light Blue's heavenly scent)

ROYAL RATING: Spend-worthy? Are you kidding me? It's 199 bucks... of course, it is! I am rating this D&G Light Blue Dupe: PERFECT!

I have another variant, the Jellybean Margarita. I wore it on a date with boyfie and he tells me it smells like the old D&G. Eeeeep! Is Jelllybean duping D&G scents? Well, lucky me.

Jellybean Margarita, eau de toilette

Do you like D&G Light Blue, too? What is your much coveted scent? Fill me in, princesses!

Royally yours, Bleak


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