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I'm Red with Fury

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The ads are in full force to promote it. I chance upon it twice or thrice within an hour's time of bonding with the boob-tube. "Red", it says, trapped inside the outline of what seemed to be a sim card. They have around three (or more, I'm not so sure) sets of campaign for this new mobile phone network, and I'm pretty sure they've spent a good deal of moolah for the teevee ads alone.

Half a peso for a minute's call is already something. But the promise of a better network coverage is definitely greater in this era of busy phone networks. I get skeptic, then cynic, but eventually adamant to try it, just so I can ditch my cynic conclusions that it's pretty much just like the rest.

I was still awed by the cheap voice promo, when my hopes soared high to find out that a sim card only costed thirty nine buckos. It was captioned so minute on the last slide of the ad, that I only realized it was there by the third time the commercial aired. Nevertheless, that was forgivable.

I was itching my way to the nearest mall to scout for a sim card, when I smartly opted to hook up with the forum to check on the others' take on the new sim on the block.

Ohhhhhh. I sarcastically ooohed to myself. "Three-g pala ha... ayos. Well since Nokia 6020 lang ito, buti pala't di ako naglagas ng trenta'y nwebe pesos!"

Sigh. Imagine my dismay when I learned about this. Imagine my fury when I looked at my outdated phone! Somebody throw me a used 3g phone, puhleaaze!

My Latest Addiction

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I'm sleeping at 3am today courtesy of this son-of-a-caffeine forum I've been hooked with. It's the yuletide, and I'm broke as everyone else is, and so I scout for malls that are cooking up some yummy sale banners. Hitching the bandwagon of cyber benchmarking, I logged into a forum to check out possible christmas sale gimmicks. Loving how these forums work, I jotted down my planned trip (or trips?) to the mall this coming weekend to finish off my christmas list.

Just as I was about to log off, I remembered other things.

I'm a girl. Other things meant, tons of things. I started thinking of reading reviews from other girls on latest flicks. I wanted to read feedbacks on how the others thought of tonight's episode of Survivor Philippines. I wondered if there were new food crazes that the girls are raving about.

One interest lead to another, and before I digested that it was already past three in the morning, I've already skimmed through one-fourth of the entire forum. Oh yes, I started surfing at nine pm.

There are good things, there are bad things. Nothing is purely good. Atleast with forums. It's a good thing to know how convenient it is to get first-hand reviews on gadgets, flicks, clothes, beauty prods, food, well basically, everything, through these helpful forums. But boy, the costs of being hooked to it are ugly. I may even consider it a vice since I've been sleeping at an ugly pattern these days.

Oh well, I can't wait for the sale this weekend.

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