Charice on Glee



I just had to post this.

I watched the encore telecast of Glee's opening episode for Season 2 awhile ago.  I'm actually reluctant to watch this show because I'd rather finish off paperworks before watching the evening news.  However, since it's been a while since I tapped the tsismosa (gossiper) side of me, I decided to give in and find out why millions of viewers gush over Glee (and Charice being casted on this show).

And I wasn't disappointed.  I vaguely know the storyline and its characters, but it amused me to see Jane Lynch so funny and bitchy.  Haha.  And the new football coach is so aliw (amusing), too.  I feel that despite not being an avid fan, I was able to relate to everything.

It felt like I was watching 90210 again way back high school days.  But this time, Jason Priestly, Shannon Doherty and the rest of the gang were gifted singers.

And Charice... oh I loved her.  I used to not care about her before, but her casting on glee (or is she just guesting on the show? Ooooh, I hope not) was such a redemption.  She actually redeemed herself from a lot of fellow Pinoys who shrug their shoulders and wince at the sound of her name (and her voice na rin, sige).

I got goosebumps seeing her act and sing on the show... 

Have you seen this episode today, too?  Loved it or hated it?  What are your thoughts on Charice joining Glee? Would love to know!


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