Shu Uemura Ultim8 Workshop @ Trinoma

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I attended a workshop conducted by Shu Uemura makeup artist, Patrick Alcobar, at the Trinoma Mall last week. I ran in late but it's a good thing I didn't miss much.

Here are the main products used during the workshop:

Shu Uemura Workshop Trinoma

1. UV Under base Mousse (in beige), P2000 - a primer and a moisturizer in a can. An excellent product for creating a smooth canvass for any type of foundation
2. Face Architect Liquid Foundation (in 554, medium sand), P2150 - gives medium to heavy coverage
3. Cover Crayon (in 7YRmed/7YRml), P1700 - undereye and face concealer in one pencil!
4. Face Powder Matte, P2350 - loose powder that sets the face architect liquid foundation perfectly.
5. Hard Formula Brow Pencil (in Walnut), P1400 - this is such an investment! No wonder both Phoebe and Kira likes this so much!
6. Chocolat Donna Eye Palette (in Raspberry & Mocha), P4000 - a beautiful set of browns perfect for any occasion. All shades are so wearble! This, by the way, is a limited edition palette.
7. Rogue Unlimited (in RD160 and PK315), P1195 - excellent pigmentation and staying power! I lalalalove RD106!

I rarely put makeup on even when I go to blogger events and so I learned how adding colour to the face can scream glamour!

Shu Uemura Workshop Trinoma C

Patrick shows how lining the eyes can make a big difference

Shu Uemura Workshop Trinoma B

Patrick urges all girls to wear eyeshadow! He paints the model's eyelid with only one color, Raspberry, and her eyes are set to go!

Shu Uemura Lookbook

1. Create Flawless Skin

Shu Uemura Lookbook tres

2. For the Day look, Patrick chooses the lips as the main focus

Shu Uemura Lookbook deux

3. For the Evening Look: Patrick chooses to accentuate the eyes. He takes off RD160 and replaces it with PK315. For the eyes, he uses 3 more shades from the Chocolat Donna palette (while using Raspberry as the base): cream mocha, mocha in pearl and matte milk chocolate

raspberry and mocha chocolat donna
L-R:  glittery mocha, raspberry, creme mocha, gold accented mocha in pearl,  matte milk chocolate with subtle gold accent, rich cocoa

Shu Uemura Lookbook Night

I learned a lot from the workshop and went home with the UV Under base, the RD160 Rouge Unlimited lipstick, and a pressed eyeshadow refill. Review and swatches coming late August! :)

I will never attend any workshop at Shu Uemura Trinoma. I was hugely disappointed because of the attitude some of the beauty consultants gave me. You see, I'm never that good with eye and lip makeup and so I wanted someone who can patiently walk me through the ropes. But perhaps because I looked sweaty with the chin peeling heavily, and that I didn't have ANY makeup on, they paid little attention to me. They assisted me naman but you know when one gives you the stare like they're doing something with a heavy heart? So, yeah.

Only one makeup artist really helped me out without being impatient with my questions--- Karen Crisostomo. Too bad she had to attend to the VIP's (Shu cardholders) who are already in the store. 

Ho well, the world may have really gone that shallow.

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