Can Multixel Do Fraxel Restore or Repair?

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A good reader emailed me to ask about the machine my derma, Dr. Sixta Foronda, uses for my fractional CO2 laser treatment, and it goes:

I know that you mentioned that it was a MULTIXEL. How different it is from FRAXEL RESTORE and FRAXEL REPAIR, did your doctor tell you? I believe that the one being offered in BELO is FRAXEL RESTORE, and they don't have the FRAXEL REPAIR. Now my question is, did you actually have a FRAXEL REPAIR through MULTIXEL? Is MULTIXEL the equivalent of FRAXEL REPAIR?
If you are unaware, Repair and Restore are two different modes of the treatment along with Refine (not mentioned above). Refine is non-invasive and is the mildest mode; Repair is more ablative than Restore. In the fraxel mode spectrum, it's Refine, Restore and Repair.

                                    The R2D2 of beauty - the MULTIXEL machine that my doctor uses

Reader L asked a good question to which I responded to:
Multixel and Fraxel are brand names for machines that utilize Fractional CO2 Laser in treating skin concerns. It's really FCO2 that we talk about here; Restore & Repair (popularized by Fraxel brand i believe) denote variations in the setting of the realease of FCO2. Multixel can do both restore and repair. I've had restore and repair done for my skin in one session; my doctor pretty much targets most, if not all, of my skin concerns without having to switch machines.
Multixel is indeed multifunctional and I'm happy to receive two modes of fractionalized CO2 laser therapy for my skin in one go, without having to pay extra. Speaking of extra payments, did you know that in the U.K., the different modes of Fraxel charge differently? Refine ranges from £500-£800; Restore at £600 to £1000; and Repair costs a whopping £1800 and £3000 (source)!. If there's a good thing about living in a developing country, beauty-wise, it's having access to beauty treatments like these at a way lower price!


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