Naww, I'm not in Spain. The final quarter of 2013 has just been too eventful for me.

The most trying matter I (and my family) had to hurdle was my dad's heart operation last Christmas. A year after dad's long confinement in the hospital for some serious pulmonary condition, he again finds himself strapped to the hospital bed via ECG leads and a peripheral IV line.

Papa's heart's main artery has been 99% occluded. Another artery, 96%. We have been so blessed to be surrounded by the best support group and medical team, dad survived the heart attack and is currently working on getting his newly revascularized heart stronger.

     A similar looking cardiac catheterization room dad got into during his angioplasty  -SOURCE-

Celebrating the holidays was bittersweet. It can be daunting knowing that papa has been hospitalized a little too frequently in the recent years. However, I quickly turn to a happier state when I think of how blessed we are for still having papa around, surviving a series of serious health conditions.

To doctors J. Jison (interventional cardio), A. Cabalu (adult cardio), J. Foronda (adult cardio, critical care), J. Anson (nephrologist), R. Javelosa (adult cardio), and G. Florentino (cardio fellow)-- we thank you for your excellent professional service; to the wonderful nursing staff of Makati Med-- you've made my dad's stay in the hospital most comfortable.

More good news: I have more time to read my fave blogs and to update my page! Reviews, tips and new learnings will be shared and I can't wait to work on them in the coming days!


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