You're most welcome

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It just hit me... most of us, Filipinos, barely respond correctly when thanked for. Not much of a big issue, but it's something i find totally amusing. Everytime I get these boredom-generating moments, I muse at the fact that I can free myself from these tedious whiles by eavesdropping on most conversations of the people around me.

Often, I hear someone thanking another for something.

And I hear that another person who got thanked for something, thanking back that person who thanked him. Teeeheee.

A young man stands up and gives up his prized MRT seat for an old lady. Old lady thanks him. This young man says, "thank you", as well.
This girl's wallet drops on the floor and a passer-by picks it up and hands it to her. "Thank you," she tells him. He quickly says, "Sure, no problem.
I take my tray of food along with my change from this cashier. I smiled and thanked her. She smiles back and nods at me.
I'm not making a big deal out of it. All I can tell these people is that, saying "you're welcome" isn't something illegal. I find it most appropriate. And not saying so is something I find very entertaining.

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