Return to Innocence

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Bright Lights .
Hysteria in the Music.
Unleashed passion,
abuse of the soul.
The confines have enclosed you,
this life you now embrace.

Look back at that Tree
you once thought majestic,
you once knew would shelter you
from the heartlessness of the Storm.

Look back at that home
that sheltered you from the rain,
the home you sought refuge from,
when you just can't go on anymore.

Look back at that window
you once used to trace your dreams with,
where raindrops slide on the outside
as your breath reveals what's written.

Hold that soft teddy again
whose fealty remains as it was
whom you treated as a private comrade
at those times when nobody seemed to care.

Look back at that road you deliberately missed.
And look now at this road that feigned happiness.
Look back at all the things you gave up
for the world's figment of the easy life.

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