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Time and friendship, theoretically, can be concluded as directly proportional to each other. The greater time you invest on acquaintances, the more you become their friend; and as you invest even greater time for these acquaintances-turned-friends, the more possible it is for sisterhood or brotherhood to happen.

In a world where “personal touch” seems to be in its putrid state, the gift of friendship is constantly being tested. Somehow, it is now possible for every man to think that an email justly represents the thought of a postcard; that instant messengers mimic coffee shops serving as venues for that much coveted heart-to-heart talk; and that a text message would suffice a faint representation of a much needed hug.

Personal touch adds that drama to the beauty of friendship.

But what if, just what if, you suddenly drift from the people you consider your true blue sisters? You suddenly get dragged along the madding crowd of challenge. And you seem to have stricken yourself out of the arms of sisterhood. How will you ever go back?

Having a good foundation for friendship defies the mathematical relationship of time and friendship. It makes it possible for people to still hold that relationship in their hearts despite the absence of time and the presence of distance. Estrangement has no room for a kind of sisterhood that has experienced its fullest.

Thanks Linda, Joanna, Arcie, Karen, Sharon, Dhel, Jade, Diane, [stephhh!!!! Uggh! You were my dermatitis-mate! I was sooo alone!] for your constant love and acceptance. Despite it all, it felt like I was never far from you guys. It is because of people like you that made me reshape the meaning of sisterhood, it was because of your unending comfort that made me realize how blessed I am despite the crazy things that gatecrashes my life. Thank you.

I hope that kids today start to realize that this widespread indifference we now encounter daily is partly because of the loss of personal touch. I hope our next generation experiences the gift of friendship at its fullest, the way I did.

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