The Empty Vastness

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Like Odysseus will I be cursed
by the gods to stay adrift,
in the stinging coldness
of this heartless Ocean,
I sail.

Hail the gods!
For their curse is their sword
that punishes the vines
for its unruly crawl.
Hail the gods!
For they hinder my soul
to return to its world
of Dreams and of Glory.

But for what cause is this scorn?
What havoc have I done?
that lead to such exile
from the land I desire.

Aphrodite's ambrosia...

Ahh, yes... the sweet lure of the goddess,
that blindeth my cynicism,
that destroyed my defenses,
that enviled my soul.

Her phantom hath seduced me
to leave my world;
and promised eternal joy
beyond this Sea of Tears.

Stay asleep sweet princess,
stay in touch with your world.
Let the gods dwell in their power,
for you will never return.

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