For my Bro

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I had to rummage through the stack of books sitting on my desk trying to locate the cam’s User’s Manual. I really hated to admit that I poorly manipulated gadgets without the aid of some tacky guide, considering that all my sibs seemed to have been operating these types of gadgets since birth, and can always do without these booklets.

I was tasked to be “photographer” for my brother’s graduation rites tomorrow. I didn’t complain. I didn’t have a gift.

I suddenly remembered how “camer-o-phillic” we used to be. A year’s age gap always helped people around us to wrongly conclude that we were fraternal twins. We wore the same type of clothes (yes, I wore more boyish outfits), wore the same cool rubbershoes (ergo, no strappy sandals for me), and wore the closest looking haircut. We’d pose for mom’s prized camera (the ones that gave you poorly colored pics that would eventually turn yellowish in time) like we were some Promil kid models.

Back then, only the two of us enjoyed our toys as we were barely allowed to play outside with other kids. It was then too easy being “it” during hide and seek, and was extremely frustrating whenever we craved to play agawan base.

I felt that he was my best bud back then, and I’m wildly guessing that he felt the same for me.

It’s just too bad that we grew apart as we started getting older. We lived in the same house, but barely saw each other.

I held the digicam and started having some test shots to check on the settings I’ve painstakingly configured after around an hour.

I grinned.

If it were my brother, he could’ve done done it in a jiffy. No manuals. I’m proud to be the sister of an ECE Post-Graduate Degree Cum Laude.

I’ll make sure to take great pictures tomorrow. It might not be as perfect as when we were Promil models, but I’ll make sure that each shot whispers how much I’ve missed the first ever bestfriend I’ve had.

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