Black Christmas

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There are loads of reasons to love Christmas, and there are irritatingly many causes to dread it. Being the pessimist that I am, I would love to play Grinch with you this morning, and enumerate a few of the many possible grounds why we get to hate the Yule Season:

5. It's raining envelopes.

Whether it's an empty envelope or a paper-filled one, envelopes during this season often mean extortion. You'd always feel compelled to put moolah in it, whether it's from some weird-sounding org asking for donation, or from the garbage collecting team that seems to be extra hardworking this time of the year.

4.Several non-functioning and dysfunctional ATM's.

Reading what I wrote above already irks me. Anticipation is the key. Load 'em up you bank guys, and try to check your machines often. You just can't imagine how thankful and happy we'd all be if our world becomes a little less "offline."

3. and if they are indeed functional... you've got the LINE.
I hate long lines. Period. Don't you?

2. Jammed traffic.
Anybody who loves being stuck in traffic, raise your hands! I see a few, but hey, aren't these peeps cab drivers??? I kill you (in an achmed-ish accent)!

and the number ONE spot goes to...

1. Already broke and still spending.

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