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Pathumwan Princess in Siam | Bangkok Hotel

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We booked the Pathumwan Princess Hotel in Siam via What made us choose the place is the great hotel service review and its proximity to the shopping complexes and the skytrain (BTS).

From the Suvarnabhumi airport, we traveled 45mins to the hotel and was greeted by a chic and clean reception area (2nd floor). The front desk folks were warm and very helpful. It took us an extra effort to adjust to their accent, though. They knew English but it wasn't that easy to understand. Hand gestures and nods were essential to foreigners in Bangkok.

We took Pathumwan Princess' ExecuPlus Suite. It had a spacious receiving area and an adjoining bedroom. Upon entering room 1215, we were delighted to get a whiff of the room's relaxing cedar scent! The room's furniture and interior was worth the price tag.

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Happywappy New Year!

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We've already gone through two new year celebs and I still haven't updated my blog :( I apologize for not sending you my warm wishes. I have lots in store for The Beauty Bin, specifically about my Bangkok trip some few weeks back.

I enjoyed myself a lot during the trip. There were so many things to marvel at (hello Bangkok architecture!), new things to learn about and huge elephants to wrap my arms around on! The hotel I stayed at, the Pathumwan Princess, was so darn gorgeous. The photo above is from the hotel's poolside and this one below's from the Ground floor café:

I'm leaving you with two photos for now. I can't wait to write! And I'm getting back to reading my favorite blogs,too! Happy New Year!

Craisins To Shed Off The Holiday Unwanted Weight Gain

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This is what I've been snacking on for the past week--- dried cranberries! Craisins (or dried cranberries, craisins is a registered trademark of Ocean Spray Cranberries), mixed with walnuts, help me hugely in getting back into shape by overlooking the truckload of junk food and chocs I've grown attached to during the holidays.

This sweet-and-sour fruit snack is a popular low-carb meal that's proven to not just help in weight loss but in countering common infectious diseases as well. The most enticing advantage of munching on dried cranberries is that you do not feel deprived of the good food while losing weight!

However, commercially available craisins may contain a high dose of artificial sugars. Some suggest drying your own cranberries to ensure the low-carbohydrate factor, which we all know is key to a successful weight loss plan. Feel free to google up recipes!

A pack of craisins is one of the diet plans in battling my all-time favorite fat-packing Pringles, Lay's, Clover Chips, Kornets and Piknik. I will of course include my basil and penne recipe and the 30-Day Shred workout in the battle plan. No Pretty Model Slimming Capsules included though, I plan to do it the natural way. 

So, how are you planning to get back into shape for the new year? Share, share!

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