Paula's Choice Philippines Brand Launch & My Special Skincare Prescription

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Last October 2, 2013, Paula's Choice Philippines celebrated their formal brand launch at the Manila Marriott's The Den. You can say I was more than excited to finally catch their top acne-clearing products as I once wanted to get hold of their Skin Perfecting line. It was also difficult back then not to get curious about their RESIST Skin Resurfacing System when Trang blogged about how effective it was.

What is Paula's Choice?

Lifestyle & Beauty bloggers were all ears as Paula's Choice Pte Ltd. Southeast Asia Managing Director, Naree Mongkol,  introduced everyone to the brand's role in catering to individual skin concerns. One of the highlights include an apple experiment showcasing the Vitamin C serum, RESIST C15 Super Booster (for brown spots and wrinkles, to be made available in the coming months), as it effectively reverses the rusting of an apple.



Paula's Choice's wide range of effective skincare products originates from its founder, Paula Begoun's, discriminating habit of choosing what she puts on her skin-- a habit formed from a past trauma when she realized acetone was in her skincare staple.

The brand banks and puts emphasis on the science of skincare in coming up with each product, making sure they contain well-researched and proven effective ingredients. Since its creation, consumers worldwide have been drawn to their serums, exfoliants, sunblocks and anti-acne & redness line.


Paula's Choice Bestsellers

The brand's crème de la crème include:
I've had my eye on the BHA and AHA bottles for the longest time as I've read countless great reviews for both. What I appreciate more is that the brand cared enough to get these two powerful exfoliators in separate bottles. Most brands would have AHAs and BHA in one bottle when there are skin types that are highly sensitive to salicylic acid (BHA).

What's exciting is that these two exfoliators are modestly priced at P1,120! I'm definitely getting the BHA Liquid ASAP before others beat me to it. 

Paula's Choice Philippines

Paula's Choice products can be purchased via placing an order on:

Soon, they will also be available via Zalora and Lazada shopping sites.

Special Prescription

After the event, I grabbed the chance to talk to Ms. Naree Mongkol, who I learned was also the Advisor to the World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine. She coyly confesses she's 41 when I asked how old she was. Naturally, I shot her the how-can-i-get-that-skin? question and she started to examine my face and asked for my skin type.


She noticed some obvious redness (from my previous fractional CO2 laser treatment) and jotted down a two-phased recommendation:

Part I- Anti-Redness:
Part II- Youthful, Lustrous and Zit-Free Skin (after completely addressing redness):
She advises I stick with the products that already work for me and pick out the "new stuff" I'd like to try out in strengthening my skin care. We decided I should go for all those listed in phase 2 minus the Hydralight cleanser.

Before leaving, I had to ask what her top three favorite Paula's Choice products are. And she starts gushing about how she cannot live a day without her three favorites and we find ourselves chatting for another 30minutes!
I am too excited for words about Paula's Choice coming to Philippine shores! Its unexpected popularity in Thailand and Korea is a good sign that there's something about these tubes and bottles worth trying out. I am now too addicted surfing their website as it offers so much information for each product. If you have any recommendations from the brand, drop me a note so I can finalize my to-buy list!


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