Fractional CO2 Laser for Acne Scars - Results, Photos, and the Rough Conclusion

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I started having fractional CO2 laser (fCO2) treatments, via Multixel, for my acne scars and in totality, I've already had four. (It's technically 5 but the 3rd one had to be redone). The very first session happened February 2012 while the last, just three weeks ago. Sadly, I haven't been a good patient to follow up according to my doctor's prescribed interval because of the discouraging downtime.

I know I shouldn't be expecting outstanding results for my ill-compliance but I'm relieved to see that there are improvements both in the scars and in my skin's overall texture.

Fractional CO2 laser Treatment 2 (taken March last year) versus the recent Treatment 4, show improvement even for the more problematic side of my face. The edges of my acne scars have greatly softened and they look a lot more shallow now. Photo-wise and in real life, the results are commendable.

I don't know if you see the improvement but most of my bukbok (acne scars)-there's just no better way to say it- have resurfaced, most notably those on the upper area of my right cheek. The improvements are still below perfect but I'm really not complaining.

Inefficiency Issues

There's a claim that fractional CO2 laser is ineffective as the scars revert to its original depth a couple of months after. However, this doesn't hold true for me. I have carried over the good results to this very day.

The resurfacing of scars is naturally heightened throughout the course my skin is inflamed but I can say that after all the residual swelling has gone, the depressed areas are a lot more shallow.

Rough Conclusion

  • Doctors Know Best. I've had two major faults during my experience which I hope my readers would learn from: not following up within the prescribed treatment interval and asking for low-powered & less dense fractional CO2 laser settings to evade the pain & shorten the downtime. These two have cost me the unmet treatment goals I and my derma, Dr. Six Foronda, have set prior to the first laser encounter. 
  • Pore Problem Unaddressed. My pores still look like an orange peel perhaps because I "controlled" the treatment settings-- I wanted less obvious scabs and faster healing! If you plan to have this treatment, be a doll and let your doctor cover ALL your targetable skin concerns.
  • Lookin' Better in Makeup.  I find that I am able to make foundation work without slapping on a lot of product just to cover up the scars on my cheeks. I truly appreciate this the most!
  • Anticipate the Cost. I have to say that this skin rehab treatment is not for the budget-conscious. Have the treatment only if you have already saved up for the recommended number of sessions. It is also wise to be ready with back-up funds in case you'll be needing an additional one or two more. 
  • Resurfaces the Skin. I can firmly conclude that I have improved. I can see more skin now than depressed parts which I am truly happy about.
Before subjecting myself to the treatment, I hoped for a perfect skin after only a couple of  fractional CO2 laser sessions. I honestly ruminate about the "if only's" more than enjoying my skin's current state, which is of course, sad. I encourage those wanting to get rid of acne scars via fCO2 laser therapy to: (1) follow up treatment regularly; (2) be ready for the long downtime and embarrassment; and (3) go for the favored settings. If you're not ready for all three, don't go for it yet. It pays to be compliant with the treatment program as results may turn out to be more phenomenal than what I enjoy now. 


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