Blush Review: Sebastian Trucco Satin Creme Blush Duo

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I was lucky to have been able to try this cheap blush duo on my cheeks. Sebastian Trucco's Blush Creme Duo in Desert Rose offers a pink blusher and a pretty highlighter.

From Sebastian Trucco: "Highlight and blush team up to give your skin a flawless, satiny finish. Cream-to-powder colors and contours bone structure. Silky sheer cream highlight accents and heightens. Subtly enhances natural skin. Housed in a dual-compact"

What I love about it:
  • gives me a healthy flush on my cheeks; lovely color!
  • 'newbie-to-blushes'-friendly in terms of application/blending
  • the creamy blush glides perfectly and miraculously becomes powdery to suit my oily cheeks
  • cheap! I got it for 400+ php
  • the palette has a HUGE mirror!
  • if you over apply the blush (a slim chance), the highlighter works great in toning it down

  • I have no use for the highlighter since it'll just emphasize my acne scars
  • packaging looks like a coffin
  • poor staying power on my oily, oily, oily cheeks
  • locally unavailable; but there are a few who sell over

Here are the swatches (click pix to enlarge):

I'm still thinking if I'd purchase again after using it all up. I'm a little bit reluctant since I'm a cheek tint gal.

To anyone using NARS blushes: can this Trucco product be a shade dupe of any NARS blush at all? I was just wondering...


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