Our House is Still a Home


Here are the photos of how typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) devastated our properties:

Dad's car and my brother's sank into the deeps. Good thing that my brother drove the SUV to work, got stranded in EDSA, and was able to at least 'save' one vehicle.

Drum sets and blankets

Bye-bye, amplifier. No more noisy jamming at home. For now.

Bye-bye books and a whole lotta documents.

Dirt, mud, and bacteria

Our heavy, leather sofa made its way to the kitchen. A traveler, indeed.

Bye-bye study room.

The real dirty kitchen.

Our dirty kitchen... at its dirtiest.

Some of the beautiful people in our presently ugly house (soon to be a pretty, cozy home once again):

My mom forcing a smile... she sheds tears every second as she rummages through the ruins.

My sibs... who've been surprisingly masipag all throughout the cleaning and clearing stage!

My little sister cheering big brother up


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