Of Mineral Makeups and Sponges + FOTD

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For all the girls who have given up on mineral make-ups (MMU's) or are on the brink of throwing them out... please reconsider.

In between those times I've basked with minerals, I've always thought of going back to traditional foundies especially during those zitty times for their excellent coverage. I never knew that the choice of mineral applicator can make a HUGE improvement on the foundie's coverage.

I've always used brushes to apply them as it was the most popular method of getting an airbrushed look. It wasn't until five days ago that I discovered how sponges can be better mineral foundie applicators for my skin type--- scarred, oily and acidic.

The Bodyshop's Professional Sponge, 200php (~$5)

The basics of applying MMU's with a sponge (get the bodyshop's!!!):
1. Transfer a bit of the foundie onto the lid
2. Dip your dry sponge onto the product.
3. Tap the sponge a little to get rid of the excess minerals
4. Smooth onto skin in a downward motion
5. Blend, blend, blend

I've used MMU's for almost a year now, not because they've made me look flawless, but because
  • they're gentle on my sensitive skin... Zero break-outs
  • they give my face a certain kind of glow after washing it off at the end of the day
  • the full-sized jar I bought 9 months back is still half-full
  • mineral make ups do not expire
And ever since my discovery on the bodyshop professional sponge+mineral foundation loveteam, I can now add:
  • they make me look like I've got great skin

FOTD on Joppa Minerals' Natural Look:

before the minerals, zits on chin+eyebags+pock marks beneath cheekbone

Joppa+sponge tandem worked for me!
I used: Clinique's 3-step
Foundie: Joppa Minerals Full Coverage Light 3
Tools: The Bodyshop's Professional Sponge to Smooth on Joppa foundie and
EDM's flattop brush for the URFP

YUP, no concealers!!! weeee!

Before my eureka moment with the sponge, I was lusting for a good concealer (MAC's or Cinema Secrets, based on forums). Imagine my big savings when I dabbed on a sponge?

So girls, before you rip that mineral makeup foundie jar off your kit, please consider using a good sponge. The only downside to it is that you get to use more of the product relative to using brushes. But what the heck, you'd look really pretty and flawless anyway!

New to mineral make-ups? Check out this forum that talks about 'em!


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