My Half-A-Cheese Experience

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I've always loved McDonald's fish fillet until two months ago --- the day I confirmed from a store manager that their Fillet-O-Fish just has half a cheese!

The first time I discovered the horrifying truth was when I wanted to add some greens in my freshly delivered fillet-o-fish. To my surprise, not only was there a big joke on the small amount of tartar sauce in my sandwich, but the cheese --- ugggghhh, it was a measly part of a whole!

I went to the store some few weeks after and ordered the same sandwich. I specifically told the cashier to make sure that my order had one whole cheese in it or else I'm returning it. The store manager overheard what I said to which he beamed with joy saying that it really just has half a cheese and a dollop of tartar sauce. How disgusting. 

I politely told the cashier to cancel my order because I'm not getting ripped off.

And I never bought from them since then. I know I'm not a significant loss to their business but I'm happy to know that no one's ripping me off my hard-earned cash.

McDonald's explains the Half-a-Cheese Scandal

Still disgusted, I googled if some other Filipinos have gone berserk about the cheese (and tartar sauce!) discrepancy. Zilch.

However, international bloggers and writers have already decoded the preposterous mystery:

"But for the average McCustomer, a full slice might be too much with the Filet-O-Fish, she said. "When you think of a cheeseburger, it's really cheesy. With the filet, a half slice complements the taste, rather than overwhelming it." - Julie Caturano, McDonald's Chicago spokesperson, to Journal Star columnist, Phil Luciano. 3.3.2010 full story
You buying that? If not for the photos showing the delectable cheese oozing from the inside of the Fillet-O-Fish, I could forgive them. Here's McDonald's Philippines' photo of their "fish quality":

Oooohla-la! They sure took a photo of the sandwich's good side --- the one that showed the edges of the halved cheese looking like you're getting your money's worth. Ho well... are you willing to experiment and complain about the half-a-cheese deal? If you ever do, tell me how the store deals with it. 


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