Revlon Colorsilk Dark Soft Brown 33

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When Hortaleza Professional's Light Havana on my hair finally came to a flatline, I immediately planned to have my hair recoloured in Revlon Colorsilk's Light Ash Brown 50. However, my colorist recommended Dark Soft Brown 33 to avoid any improper hair gradation due to some presence of the previous color proximal to the hair tips.

Imagine my relief seeing how my hair colour toned down from screaming red to --- well, good old brown. I nearly made a disastrous choice in opting for Light Ash Brown. Revlon colorists sure know great stuff for the hair.

Before: Hortaleza Light Havana| After: Revlon Colorsilk Dark Soft Brown
(both pics used flash under indoor lighting)

If you think you made a bad choice with a very vibrant hair color like Light Havana (well, my blogger friends from the Goody event thought otherwise), you can go for the Revlon Colorsilk Dark Soft Brown 33 to tone things down a bit. Sure worked for me.


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