Sentro 1771's Keso Flan Is My Current Favorite Dessert



Some few weeks ago, the sibs and I decided to spend one rainy Sunday afternoon eating merienda at Sentro 1771. I loved everything we ordered especially the Keso Flan. It's cheesecake, bibingka and leche flan rolled into one! Oh, Keso Flan!

I would not have guessed that the slices of salted duck egg mixed with a spoonful of the sweet & creamy keso flan created a wonderful burst of flavor! I loved Sentro 1771's version of leche flan down to the last bite. I didn't eat the queso de bola though. I never liked it.

P220 is quite a big price to pay for a dessert I chowed down in a little over a minute. Parang taga bundok lang, naexcite sa bagong pagkain na pagkasarap-sarap! The serving, in my opinion, is quite small especially for something so amazingly palatable.

It wasn't just this dessert that I loved at Sentro. I'll tell you about the others soon after I get the photos fixed. For now, I'll leave you with this so you can help me figure out why this dog kept barking crazily at me when I tried to pose beside him.

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Sentro 1771 is located at the Serendra Piazza (across Cupcakes by Sonja) and Level 2, Greenbelt 3

Sentro 1771's Keso Flan has raised the bar in leche flan. That's at least for my simple and easy-to-please palate. But if you want come up with a verdict and and try out a delectable treat where leche flan, cheesecake, bibingka, and itlog na maalat tag teams to knock your tastebuds out, go and try the Keso Flan any time soon!


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