Four Local Online Beauty Services On the Rise



2012's last quarter is definitely a milestone for most beauty enthusiasts. There are now a number of operational and up and coming local beauty services online! 

Saladbox is the first company to launch their beauty and lifestyle subscription box (September 2012). You may want to check out my unboxing postMonthly subscription cost: P500/month

BDJ Box first launched this October. I saw the boxes sent to bloggers and the contents are more likely to be loved by beauty junkies than Saladbox's. Plus, it's P20 cheaper. Monthly subscription cost: P480/month

Glamourbox will be out by November. Among the subbie boxes, this one's most costly. Let's hope the contents are more impressive than the other two! Monthly subscription cost: P595/month

Sample Room is a service I learned about from the lovely Shen. It's an up and coming sampling service that will only charge for the shipping cost. It sounds really promising and I can't wait for its launch.

Which of these services are you most excited about? The revolutionary four are sweet treats to end this controversial year. I do hope and pray that the people behind them are passionate and hardworking enough to come up with the best things in beauty delivered to our doorsteps. 


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