The Body Shop Crayon Concealer Review: How I Hide My Huge Zits

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I have been using the Crayon Concealer since 2009 and realizing that it's currently The Body Shop Philippines' 2nd best seller, I must say that I'm not the only one loving the product! (All-In-One Face base tops the list while the Oil-Free foundation came in third).

Product Description. Our creamy concealer cares for your skin even as it hides its imperfections. With community Trade marula oil. It effectively covers blemishes and blends easily to conceal redness. Available in a variety of shades.

  • Medium to high coverage
  • Blends easily
  • Dermatologically tested

Results. The Body Shop's Crayon Concealer's thick texture works well in making my non-peeling/non-flaky zits less visible. It fares even better in concealing redness and post-acne blemishes. During the initial several uses though, I struggled with blending and making the concealer look smooth & natural when working with huge zits. I figured that using a brush to work on the periphery of the makeup works better than using the fingertips.

Also, the very creamy concealer can appear cakey when set with powder foundations that provide great coverage (like the Shiseido Perfect Smoothing Foundation). If you plan to use the concealer under a medium to heavy coverage powder foundation, be sure to set the concealed area/s with a sheer powder  before applying foundation.

Shade Range. The Body Shop's Crayon Concealer comes in six shades, 01-06. 02 fits my NC 25-30 skin.

Product Versatility. The concealer isn't for the undereye --- the texture is too rich. But it can pass for an eyelid base for eyeshadows especially if you don't oil up a lot. I have oily lids but I was able to prime mine to make eyeshadow colors look better.

Comedogenic? It neither caused nor treated zits. It's plain makeup on my skin and does not double as skincare.


  1. Difficult to blend with fingers without appearing cakey 
  2. Does not hold well on oily skin types (4 hours max on me)
  3. Needs a special sharpener (costs P200+) --- but you can have it sharpened at The Body Shop stores 
  4. Emphasizes skin flaking
Other Info: How much: P600+/3.2g; Shelf-life: 3 years; If you plan to have your concealer sharpened at The Body Shop stores, don't forget to sanitize right after sharpening.

Overall Impression:

True to its claim, The Body Shop's Crayon Concealer hides imperfections by providing medium to heavy coverage. Though blending it out was initially a problem for me, I strongly feel that makeup pros will find the concealer's texture very easy to work with. 

My greatest gripe is that it slides off easily exposing my plump and inflamed pimples in just a few hours. The biggest advantage on the other hand, apart from its being an effective concealer, is its shelf-life. I needed so little of the product that my 2009 purchase lasted me till first quarter of this year --- that's huge savings! I definitely dig why it's a best seller.


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