Marnie's Wedding

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Do you still remember Marnie from "Ang TV"? She's not as popular as most of her contemporaries but because I find myself singing to do-wah diddy-diddy dum diddy-do every after school during my younger years, I'm able to put a face to that name. 

(Her real name is Marie France Arcilla)

Marnie, or rather, Marie France, currently works as a stage and TV actress in New York. Her most celebrated TV stint to date may be her Gossip Girl appearance as Blair Waldorf's seamstress (she had lines!).

I learned she got married last year. While I usually don't click on nuptial videos of  people outside my circle, I ended up watching Marnie's and felt lucky I did so. Nakakapangarap.
     Julien: Nine years ago, on this island, we became a couple. I remember telling you at that time, "If you're ever going to marry somebody, please let it be me."
     Marnie: I remember one day when you came up to me to say, "You are so beautiful baby ko, i love you so much" ...but on that particular day, I smiled and turned to look at you and was reminded by the kitchen mirror that i was covered with chicken pox! And that's when i knew i would never find anyone who'll love me the way that you do-- absolutely, unequivocally and unconditionally.
The video is like a long trailer for an extraordinary love story movie:

By posting this, I thought I could share two things with you (and even a third one, too: Marnie's beautiful Pronovias gown) : a video done so beautifully and a partnership that has tied two cultures in genuine love. I hope you take time two watch the 6-minute footage. I promise you it's some few minutes put to good use.


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