BB Cream Review: Dr. Jart Silver and Skin79 Waterdrop

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(a personal review. meant to help out giving an overview in choosing the right bb cream, but does not claim that all effects and insights will be the same for others.)

Skin Description: combination to oily (oily T-zone)
light yellow undertones
light to medium skin tone

Dr. Jart's Silver Label:

Label says:
"This unique professional formula aims at covering skin imperfections, concealing blemishes and activating skin rejuvenation. Soothes red, irritated skin while providing moisture to it. Whitening. A good make up base." (edited)

The Edge:
  • SPF 35
  • color eventually blends with my skintone in a minute
  • medium coverage
  • cuts your prep time shorter by skipping foundie if you want a natural yet "covered" look (how do i explain this?)
  • a lil amount of the product is needed to cover my face
  • i skipped my concealer! yay!
  • fair to good oil control (oil control range: poor-fair-good-great) in this humid weather that we have; great oil control inside airconditioned areas.
  • not heavily scented (vs. Skinfood, Elianto, Skin79, The Faceshop)

  • difficult to blend (using the fingertips)
  • not for dry skin types (i think) coz it tends to be a little drying (ive got oily skin, and very oily tzones; it controlled my oilies along the t-zone area but kinda left a flaky cheek and chin)
  • the glow it gave my face after washing the product off was relatively mediocre (compared to Elianto BB cream, Skin79 and Skinfood)
  • not available in the Philippines
  • powder make up can look cakey if BB cream is not applied using a brush (yeah, didn't i say that it's not that blendable using the fingertips?)
  • comes in one shade only

I must say that this is my perfect daytime BB cream! Although after my first use, I actually thought of just giving it to my sis (because it dried some parts of my face too much). I was also disappointed that it didn't give the kind of "glow" I expected after washin it off my face.

On fast forward mode... three days after my first use, I started to notice that it stopped drying me out too much. Perhaps my face was just adjusting to pricey products, eh? As for the glow... I'd still say that Elianto does a perfect job giving me that "afterglow" and Skin79's coming in second. Skinfood comes in third and Dr. Jart falls in last.

Silver Label was indeed a good make up base. My mineral make up stayed put, while I only needed to blot twice (in a day) to keep the oilies at bay. Dr. Jart is one amazing product because it allows good coverage and good oil control, while most BB creams often leave out one for the other.

Since I don't have anybody to take pictures of me wearing these fab beauty prods, I took the liberty of using my notebook's webcam.

BEFORE BB cream: zits on the chin, washed my face so my t-zone's less oily than it normally is

a pea-size of the prod and you're all set to a new skin!

(top and bottom pics): AFTER applying Dr. Jart's Silver Label BB Cream, zits are less obvious, my face is glowing and healthy-looking!

Skin79 Shiny Pearl Waterdrop Beblesh Cream (*hingal, hingal*)

Label says:
"Gives the skin radiance and attractiveness because of the shiny pearl. Maintains a natural and sheer look by controlling sebum. The water drop type, which includes plenty of moisture, gives the skin a cooling effect. Aqua-scented. Protects the skin, provides nutrition (from the 8 plant extracts) making the skin shiny, healthy and bright." (edited)

The Edge:
  • very sheer and natural on the skin
  • blends easily on the face with the fingertips
  • color blends with my skintone right away
  • lightweight, no-makeup feeling!
  • good to great oil control in an airconditioned room
  • gives a good glow after washing it off the face

  • has a strong scent
  • very sheer coverage; not a good concealer
  • no SPF
  • for those who hate glittery prods, this has itsy bitsy shinies
  • available in one shade only
  • not available in the Philippines

For an oily gal like me, I wouldn't even think twice about getting this product because of the word "Shiny" (remember, it's Shiny Pearl Waterdrop?). This is actually a misnomer because it can be surprisingly good with controlling oilies! Its label indicates that it is oil-free, too.

Skin79's Waterdrop gives an edgier twist to your common BB cream because of its "shine"--- the microglitters it contains. These are cute ones that makes you "shine" in a very pretty way. It's just too bad that it doesn't give a good coverage.

If you've got clear skin and you'd like some twist onto your sheer and natural "make-up", then this one's for you!

Before application

microglitters may not be that obvious, but this is the "shine" that it brings--- they might wanna say "bright" rather than "shiny", eh?

If only it had SPF, this'll make a perfect beach BB cream!


Dr. Jart Silver
Skin79 Waterdrop
Thick, difficult to blend
Thin, blendable
Medium to heavy
Shade range
One shade only
One shade only
Price (over ebay South Korea)
P1200 to P1600 ($28 to $33)
P600 to P1000 ($12.50 to $21)
Dewy, not matte (for a matte finish, top it off with URFP)
Dewy, not matte (for a matte finish, top it off with URFP)
Make-up Base ability
Can be cakey
Great make up base
Oil-control (airconditoned room)

N.B. on the "whitening effect of BB creams: I believe that when they say BB creams are "whitening", they meant that it brightens and gives the face a certain kind of glow. I've used a whitening BB cream for 6 months now; taking its "whitening" effect in the context that we Filipinos know of, it never whitened or lightened my skin! Not a single bit. Take for example, wrinkle-free... LOL. Yep, there's a certain brand of BB cream that claims to be wrinkle-free.

I hope this review helped in some sort of way to get you nearer your HG BB cream! Skin79's Hot Pink and VIP Gold Beblesh Creams are intriguing, too (here are Gale's and Nikki's reviews respectively). I'll do a review on these next with 2 more Skin79 BB creams. Till next time!

(message me for your sample needs)

Royally yours, Bleak


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