The Cat Serial Killer... is finally kaput!

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William, my sister's adopted cat

I've read the sickly entry of this kid who thrived in the agony of a poor kitty (his blog page has been taken down but some folks were good enough to take screencaps). Whether you care about cats or are indifferent about 'em, you'd really feel sorry for the unfortunate feline that was innocently beaten (erm, stepped on?) till it gave an anguished kitty cough and bled to death.

The latest news is that people from some animal rights group went to the Discipline Committee of the kid's school to file a complaint. I tried to look for his controversial multiply account, but it's no longer in cyberspace. Tsk, tsk... he can't even be man enough to face the consequences of his unusual musings. Ugh.

For my non-Tagalog speaker readers: an excerpt of the post

On our way out of old NIP I saw the cat I almost killed last Tuesday. Now everyone knows I hate cats. It’s an unexplainable feeling towards them. Like some internal hatred. I don’t know why but whenever I try to stop myself, I really can’t because I get a kick out of doing these things to cats. I pulled it on its tail and threw it. Then like some pro wrestler I jumped on it and my feet landed on it’s torso. Slam! Felt good! But the cat didn’t die, well not yet. It ran for it's life and just as I was about to catch up on it somebody yelled: "Can you just leave the cat alone?" It was instant and involuntary. I stopped on my tracks. Nobody ever stopped me when assaulting cats. Well I guess there’s always a first time for everything. The cat got away. Or at least that’s what i thought. So we went to lunch Mel, Jayson, Tracy and me. After lunch, we just went back to do whatever we needed to do. Then Tracy and Mel told me "Hey JC, I think you just killed the cat."

Hours later a guy came in. He asked: "Who killed the cat??" Bang! Dat was me boi. Guilty as charged. I didn’t see it die but Myles said it coughed up blood or at least something like that. Didn’t realize I gave it a fatal hit. This isn’t the first time I’ve killed a cat but this time it’s different. It didn’t occur to me back then that the cat had a leash. So I think somebody owns it. Well it’s very well loved in NIP from what I heard and I just ended it’s life. So there you go I’m sorry. And I wont be striking another one for maybe about a month. It feels good when your beating it (a cat) up but you suddenly feel something strange when it turns off permanently. That’s how I feel right now. And maybe for the next days. Dang, am I a cat serial killer?"

Royally yours, Bleak


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