Choosing the Right BB Cream

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BB creams are selling like hot pancakes these days. Why would they not? With a roster of skin benefits that they promise, these pretty tubs are worth giving a try.

I've used Blemish balm (BB) creams for half a year now and I can really attest that most of the brands I've tried evened out my skin tone and improved the overall condition of my skin. The best thing about it (that keeps me really hooked with the craze) is that it gives my face a certain kind of glow that is visible during and after application. Really.

Choosing the right BB cream isn't the quickest and easiest prettifying activity you'll ever go through. Here are a few pointers in choosing your holy grail (HG) BB cream:the skin79 BB cream line... they sure have a LOT!

1. Prepare to put a little dent on that card.
Be forewarned that the road to your HG BB cream will entail you to swipe and spend. You're one lucky gal if you get to buy "the one" at first shot. Samples and testers are good ways to keep your shopping spree as efficient as possible.

2. Know what you want.
Even BB creams can't have it all. Oftentimes, you will be confronted with several advantages and disadvantages, and so, it is very important to know what you want for your skin. BB creams can: (1) control excessive oil, (2) cover imperfections, (3) provide a pretty high SPF value. Wanting to achieve impressive oil control may not allow your product to give you a good coverage, or vice versa. Weigh your options and know what your skin really needs so that you can narrow down your choices and keep your overspending abilities at bay.

3. Read the label.
I'm used to mineral make ups having only a handful of ingredients in them. BB creams have tons of stuff in it so it's best to check the label for the things it contain (most users develop an allergic reaction to marine collagen and some polymer compounds).

4. Sample, if you must!
I started out with BB creams by asking for an itsy bitsy sample in a sanitized pot. I choose not to sample it right then and there since I want to test the prod in humid conditions (rather than in a cooler, airconditioned store) and that I want to make sure that I can see how the BB cream looks on me under natural light (shop lights do tweak the color). Most BB creams have one or two shades (except for Elianto), so make sure that you test them under natural lighting conditions.

5. BB creams appear whitish at first, but eventually blends with your skin tone in a couple of minutes.

If it doesn't, you may choose to just ditch it.

It may be a pretty tough job to go through scouting for the best BB cream, but once you get hold of your HG BB cream (or creams!), you'll feel that it's all worth the trouble! Happy BB cream hunting!

Royally yours, Bleak


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