Labor Day Haul: BB Creams

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May 1 - Labour Day
A treat for a job well done: BB CREAMS!

I got these babies over ebay. Thanks legendeux for promptly shipping my stuff over! I'm one happy gal to have gotten these BB creams within six days after winning the bids.

1- Dr. Jart Rejuvenating Blemish Base Silver Label, SPF 35, 50mL, $24.95
2 - Skin79 Shiny Pearl Water Drop, 43.5g, $9.99
3 - Skin Food Aloe Sun, SPF 20, 50g, $10.49
4 - Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Pink, SPF 25, 5g
5 - Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Gold, SPF 25, 5g
6 - Skin79 Diamond Collection Prestige, SPF 25, 5g
7 - Skin 79 Diamond Collection Pearl, 5g

I got myself a box of skin79 BB Cream Super Plus Diamond mini-set (which is earning a couple of good reviews, by the way) coz it looks so cute and easy to tote along:

Set of 4 fab BB Creams for $10.49

Yipeee! Freebies galore! Legendeux is such a princess to throw in these beauty prods in my pack of stuff:

First thing I grabbed was the water pearl drop that I was lemming on a couple of weeks ago. I'm in love with it! I feel like a princess in it.

Will post reviews soon!

Royally yours, Bleak


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