Barenaturals Skin Perfecting Primer+FOTD

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Moving on with my Primer Review Series, let me do Barenaturals' Skin Perfecting Primer.

Skin Perfecting Primer sample, 5mL, 145php($4), from Barenaturals' site

I was a little reluctant to try this primer since its consistency was the most 'fluid' among the usual primers I've tried. However, it's a good thing that I chose not to pass up on this because it has a good number of pro's.

What I liked about it:
  • no scent at all
  • skin feels smooth and velvety ala smashbox photofinish primer
  • little amount is enough to create a good base for smoothing your foundie
  • locally available and relatively cheap
  • has sample bottles; good value for your money
  • Barenaturals owner practices good great customer service!

  • sample bottle has no pump for the flowy product to be dispensed properly
  • product is too runny for my liking
  • my oilies busted its oil-control abilities in 2 hours (t think that tonight was rather a cool evening... wondering how soon it will take for my makeup to budge if it were extremely hot and humid...)

Here's a pic I took after hearing mass (this was an hour after putting makeup on). We walked our way to and from the church as it wasn't too far from home. Notice that my face is staring to look dewy (which is a bad sign):

Face: Clinique DDMG
Barenaturals Skin Perfecting Primer
Clinique Superfit foundie in Neutral
Barenaturals Premium Glow mineral makeup in Olive Neutral Light-Med
Aromaleigh URFP
Cheeks&Lips: Bodyshop's lip and cheek tint

Hmmm, so I used a premium glow mineral foundie. I wonder if it is the cause of tonight's freaking oil. I'll give the primer another try using something else (like my dependable Joppa/Pure Anada mmu's that can control oilies) and update you.

Generally, I think that the not-so-oily gals will love this. It's cheap, locally available and it can give you that smashbox primer feel! Sadly, it didn't do well on me (for this night) so I don't think I'll be getting a full-sized bottle anytime soon.


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