Beauty Tool Hot Seat: Brushes!

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Test yourself: Can you identify which are synthetic brushes? The 10th person to email me the correct and complete answer wins a Bloom blush brush!


I've only started using makeup brushes during the second quarter of this year. I bought a couple of 'em without understanding their structure, thus, wasting good money for those that I have no use for.

So before you get those moolah wasted, acquaint yourselves with brushes first.

Brushes are primarily categorized based on the type of bristles. We have:

1. Natural Brushes- made of real animal hair (goat, squirrel, badger, and more!)
(note: there are no brushes made of skunk hair. The term 'skunk' pertains to the black and white appearance of the mixture of hair)
2. Synthetic Brushes- out of man-made fibers like nylon and taklon.




Bristles are shiny on pics; hair strands hardly seen as single units

Bristles appear to be more defined (like you can see the demarcation of the strands) on pics

Bristle Texture

Very soft; can be easily deformed

Soft and smooth but firm




Brush Care

It may be a pain to remove makeup stains

Bristles do not trap the product, easier to remove stains

These are the basics in knowing your brushes a lil bit more. Stay tuned for part two, makeup newbies! We'll talk about face brushes, eye brushes, and great tips on purchasing brushes!


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