Was I Ripped Off?



I posted a while back how I loved using The Bodyshop's professional sponge to achieve a better look with my mineral foundies. I would've gladly backed it up sooner if it didn't go out of stock in almost all branches... for weeks!

Imagine my relief when I scored one over their branch at SM Fairview. Great, I thought. It was just a lil weird that the one I bought previously costed me P200 flat, while this new one was P250.

Price increase, I thought.

But to my horror, I discovered that I might've paid a lot for this new one. The sponge is inside a resealable type of packing (so is the old one I got from Galleria), so it's a little easy for me to think I might've been cheated.

Let me show you Exhibits A to D, and you be the judge:

New one (left) vs Old (right) one: New- P250 Old- 200. Bodyshop: "We've increased the price and shrank the sponge! It's recession after all!"

New sponge (left photo) out of the resealable plastic
Length and width difference

Thickness difference

Height difference

If anyone has been an avid fan of the bodyshop's professional sponge from way back, have you noticed this difference if in any case you've repurchased recently? I'd love to know as I hate to imagine that I was cheated on this.


Allow me to sidetrack a bit...

I've been procrastinating my review that I was enrolled into 3 years ago for my busy life as a physiotherapist. Today, I quit work to make way for what I've been putting off for the past years. I will miss hospital work, but I still get a tinge of it via my home care patients.

Honestly, I'm scared of review school. I'm scared that I forgot a whole lot of my profession's theory. It's a great deal of difference between the academe and hospital set-up... a lil prcentage of the classroom stuff is significant to the job. Sad, noh? But that's reality. At least for us, PT's.

I enrolled last 2006. Good thing that it was a 'lifetime' review. Ayos noh? Where on earth can you find something like that?

I hope to take the US Licensure for PT mid-quarter of next year. Wish me luck as I jump into a whole new facet of my career.


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