Elianto BB Breaks Me Out + Barenaturals' Primer Actually Works Great

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I am both ranting and raving today.

After finishing half of the 50mL Elianto Multiplex BB Cream I proudly considered my HG, I am officially announcing that it breaks me out! I feel terrible seeing how this BB cream has "turned its back on me". Boohooo.

I've always blamed my hormones and sleeping late as the causes of my never-ending chin breakouts. Recently, I often stayed home (I quit work to give way for my review, remember?) and skipped my bb cream moments. I'm surprised that despite sleeping in the wee hours of the morning and that my period's coming up, no new zits have piled up on my chin! I can actually see my chin these days, I thought.

And then it hit me... the only product I stopped using since I noticed an improved chin was my prized Elianto Multiplex.

And so it's official... the great bb cream isn't for me.

On a happier note, I am falling in love with Barenaturals' Skin Perfecting Primer! I've earlier claimed that it poorly controlled my oilies. Allow me to retract that. Let me tell you that I am considering this as my daily primer.

No, it still doesn't impress me that much when it comes to keeping my 'oiliest of the oiliest' face mattified, but it does a decent job in keeping my makeup on and my face clean on a daily basis. I still use blotting papers a couple of times, but since I am only attending review classes (inside an air conditioned room), Barenaturals' Skin Perfecting Primer is perfect!

And oh, I've commuted from my place to my patient's (it's a polluted, sweaty, and humid 30-minute jeepney and tricycle ride) and I'm surprised that I'm only a little bit on the dewy side! This happened thrice already.

And so it's official... Barenaturals' Skin Perfecting Primer is an impressive one.


Let me share one more thing with you guys. Look what I found:

Must be the reason why I broke out, huh?


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