Leibovitz Princesses



I suddenly remembered how much I wanted to be a Disney Princess when I was young!

Let the amazing work of renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz, give your Disney dreams a touch of reality:

Who wouldn't fall in love happily ever after with the gorgeous SJ? (Ryan Reynolds raises both hands)

Scarlett Johannson

Can Wendy be any hotter? Yes! (And oh, Tina Fey plays Tink)

Giselle Bundchen

I can never picture her as a villain. She's such a sweetheart, for chrissake!

Queen Latifah

I knew it always looked this eerie inside the evil queen's room (but that's a sexy man on the mirror!).

Alec Baldwin, Olivia Wilde

Two sets of Beauty and the Beast:

Drew Barrymore

This is more like Belle, for me...

Jeff Bridges, Penelope Cruz

What a fairy godmother must've really looked like in the flesh.

Julie Andrews, Abigail Breslin

 Least fave (because I've always thought that Jasmine flew with Aladdin on a magic carpet ride... not with Abu) Weird outfit + a goon-looking prince for Jasmine= an unhappy ending (sorry fans).

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony

Nobody warned Prince Charming that NARS blushes are higly pigmented.

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens

I love Julianne Moore but because the child in me loves Ariel more, I wish they got someone a bit younger for the part.

Julianne Moore, Michael Phelps

Loving how 4 sets of Wizard of Oz photos never left out Toto!

Keira Knightley

How imeldific can Dorothy be? Noticed her heels from all 4 pics? :)

 And this is just so surreal! Rachel Weisz can't be any other Disney princess but Snow White!

If you were to choose ONE favorite from these photos, which one would it be?


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