Summer Sunblock with Vegetal Placenta

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What makes me not hate all that scorching heat and humidity when I commute to school? A functional sunblock that eliminates piling up too much stuff on the face!

My current fave, since my face is starting to oil up like crazy with the heat, ---- the Lab 46 Tinted Moisturizer! Label says it has plant-derived placenta and collagen. Interesting...

Lab46 Tinted Sunblock, 500php
got it from my derma's clinic (Doc Six Foronda)

- goes smoothly on my oily skin
- absorbs fairly quick
- SPF 45
- no breakouts
- acts as a primer to keep facial oil at bay (this sunblock may be too drying in the cooler months)
- does not leave the skin sticky nor sweaty (in comparison to MOST bb creams which act as functional sunblocks, too)

Battle of the SPF's: Lab 46 SPF 45, Neutrogena SPF 50, Hamilton SPF 80

Just watch out for the scent. It didn't tickle my fancy albeit bearable. Also, this does not result to a full coverage tint... it just evened out my skintone. 

Housed in a lightweight, plastic tub

To conclude, I love it and I'm using it alternately with my Hamilton SPF 80 sunblock!


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