Revlon Colorsilk After Months

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Thank you everyone for the comforting words and prayers for my brother who's in Saitama. We've received word from him last week and we are thankful to God that he's all good (still a bit worried about the nuclear radiation though, Saitama has been reported to experience radiation 40 times normal levels).

Anyway, I'm terribly sorry for being unable to visit my favorite blogs and for not updating my home page. I've received query emails on how the Revlon Colorsilk in Light Ash Brown (50) fares on the locks after a few months.

Revlon Colorsilk 50 after 1 1/2 months

I actually think that the salon who applied the dye didn't do as superb as
my Revlon colorist, Joanne did (Revlon hold FREE hair dye application you see)

You will notice that my roots are starting to turn black again. The dye is not drying to the scalp, but I noticed that my hair needed extra care after I had it colored. I take extra time conditioning my locks to make sure that my hair still looks vibrant, fresh and nice.

I've been dyeing my hair for almost 2 years now and I see a positivity in my aura with this kind of color. I'm beginning to feel that I am addicted to Revlon's Colorsilk dye!

Hair history: 

  • 1st hair color: Revlon Colorsilk Light Golden Brown #54
  • 2nd hair color: still, #54, recolored 3 1/2 months after
  • 3rd hair color: Revlon Colorsilk Light Ash Brown #50, done 3 months after
  • 4th hair color: still #50, done 5 months after
  • 5th hair color: still #50, done 4 months after
  • 7th hair color: still #50, done 3 months after
  • 8th hair color (present): loyal to Revlon Colorsilk #50, done 5 months after

L-R: (photo 1) taken 5 yrs ago; (photos 2-4) taken recently, welcome to the haggard world of adulthood!
Having my hair colored is among the greatest makeovers I did to myself. My folks didn't quite get it as they seemed to prefer their natural daughter (LOL) over the blondie* girl. My friends, colleagues, and bf raved about my new hair color, though.

I have nothing but high praises for Revlon Colorsilk. It's a cheap product (395php) that can transform your looks in the most pleasing way!

*blondie - Filipino monicker for someone who's got their hair colored... even if it ain't true blonde ;)
sweet corn - my folks' monicker for Filipinas who had their hair dyed blonde


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