Pretty Model Slimming Capsules Review Part 2

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I am quite notorious for looong posts that I worry about keeping my readers hooked to reading my articles down to the last letter. Thus, I sectioned my review on the Pretty Model Slimming Capsules.

Now, let's dissect each claim:

Improves skin quality, whitens skin and diminishes acne 
NO. I haven’t seen positive skin changes so far (Been in it for more than a month already)
Reduces fat accumulation at waist, abdomen, arm and thigh
CONTROVERSIAL. I noticed some thinning in my abdominal upper arm and thigh area, but I'm still figuring out if all's just placebo. Only a fat caliper can objectively qualify if I actually lost fat in those areas.
No diarrhea, anorexia, and rebound side-effects
Highly possible
YES. BF experienced rebounding back to previous shape after stopping for months (no exercise)
Suited for those who repeatedly fail in fat reducing
YES. Most people fail in slimming down because they stop their diet+exercise due to gradual and barely visible results. With this weight loss supplement, it’ll encourage individuals to go on with their routine and be consistent with it, until such time that they can do without the pills and just enjoy the raw benefits exercise+balanced diet
Eliminates toxin accumulation, preventing coprostasis
NO. It did nothing for my constipation problem
Suited for those who want to reduce fat 13 kilograms in a month
Highly possible! I was losing 7lbs a week at the recommended dosage. However, the BIG question is, am I really losing excess FAT or important MUSCLES? These pills can help you lose weight, not exactly fat.
Provides physical sculpting in common problem areas
NO. I leave the sculpting part to the 30-Day Shred Workout.

It surprises me that this product claims to originate from Japan and not be able to see any sellers from that country. The product also states that it is used by Japanese and Koreans and I couldn't find any reference to it by both Japan and Korea.

Buy Authentic Pretty Model
Slimming Capsules HERE

    Pretty model Slimming capsule is quite HUGE

    Recommendation: This weight loss supplement is absolutely effective in getting the extra pounds off. It is a considerable alternative to laxatives (resulting to uncontrollable pooping).

    If you wish to enjoy the best benefits from this slimming pills, couple it with a good exercise and you'll see some sculpting on those parts you want chiseled after at least 2 months.

    I will be finishing up the rest of the boxes that's left here and not repurchase Pretty Model Slimming capsules. I have lost the unnecessary pounds already and will be relying on 30-Day Shred Workout + balanced meals to keep the weight and enhance the figure further.


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