Hamilton Superblock SPF80 Review



Can you just feel that sudden scorching heat seeping through your skin for the past 2 days this week? Unbelievable. Summer's just around the corner and I'm arming myself with two best sunblocks I've tried so far--- the Hamilton Superblock Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Milk (SPF80) and Lab46 Tinted Sunblock.

Hamilton Superblock Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen Milk, SPF80
big tub

This is a non-greasy, milk-based, cream-type sunblock that replaced my previous favorite, the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF 50.

In an airconditioned room/in front of a fan, I love how fast the cream is absorbed by my skin leaving it with a velvety finish. You honestly need a pea-size amount to cover the entire face (too much of it can end up oily). However, the matte-looking finish stops the moment you step into a more humid environment. My T-zone starts to oil up a bit but it's nothing a finishing powder can't resolve. It is best to top this sunblock off with powder before hitting the outdoors; this way, you end up with a healthy, dewy look while minimizing the white cast from the product's titanium dioxide content.

Unlike most sunblocks that melt annoyingly under sun exposure, I'm quite impressed with how Hamilton Superblock SPF80 stays put. Although blotting is still an essential for those with oily and combination skin, I seldom feel the need for it during the day.

If only it came in a tube, I wouldn't have to worry about disinfecting spatulas everyday. And the quality of the plastic tub is such a pain --- i dropped it after getting it out of the fridge and its exterior cracked big time (see first photo. notice the crack beneath the screwcap). Another probable con is its herbal scent. Also, for those who are on their hideous chemical peeling stage, you might want to stay away from this product as it can emphasize the peeling.

I used to buy from an online seller. A small tub ranges from P280-400 and is good for a month and a half's use. However, I learned that my derma, Doc Six Foronda has this in a bigger tub for P450 (I believe that Med Reps distribute this to other dermas, too). My first large tub Hamilton SPF80 sunblock lasted 3 months.

I will always make sure I don't run out of Hamilton Superblock SPF80 especially during the summer. Those with dry skin will hugely adore this sunblock, while those with the opposite skin type may need to add more steps to perfect its finish.


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