Laughtrip Post: Totallylookslike 2

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Are you feeling sad and depressed these days? How about a new set of photos to liven you up?

My favorite. I have no idea who the French guy is but he looks like he can keep a rat above his head, too.

Apart from the physical similarities, was the happy Llama able to assimilate the Dalai Lama's wisdom, too?

I find Susan Sarandon beautiful. This wigged dog added some spice to my definition of her beauty, though.

Separated at birth:

Among the bunch of Bieber look-alikes, this was the only one that impressed me (why, even Manny Pacquiao looks Bieberized!).

I love Lisa Kudrow when she sings 'Smelly Cat' in Friends. I wonder if the Argentinian actress would like to get the lyrics and strum the guitar one day...

Physics brainiac Hawking is photgraphed still able to stand up here (although he was already using a cane at this time), while Artie sits on a wheelchair. After Glee, Artie leaves the wheelchair, while Hawking, at present, is strapped to his electronic wheelchair suffering from the debilitating conditions of ALS.

Forgive me, RPatz fans. Let the 3rd row of photos blow you away!

It's almost been 2 years since my last totallylookslike laughtrip post. The bf and I still get a good laugh up till now from that first list I posted. Coming up with part 2 was a bit more difficult since the site's list grew unbelievable longer. I noticed though that it seemed harder to find entries that were really funny. I hope that these chosen ones that made the cut made you laugh... one way or another.


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