On Copyright Infringement Cases



While browsing ebay.ph last night, I instantly became a blogger police. I recognized that one seller's photos came from someone else's blog and were not credited. To add insult to the injury, both photos were cropped to hide the owner's watermark.


Here are the original pictures (from Sasquatch Swatch):

Here are the photos presented on the seller's page. Uncredited and tampered. The owner's watermarks were deliberately cut off. 

Mirror Source

Mirror source

How difficult is it to cite sources these days? It's way easier than taking a photo and making an extra effort to crop the watermark, right?

I still remember Erica's copyright issues with a fellow blogger. Similar problem: unsourced diagrams with watermarks taken down. What makes this case a little bit special is that the offender dealt with watermarks that were difficult to remove. Offender took screenshots of the owner's Youtube tutorial that showed the diagrams. End-result? The entire blog was shut down.

So what can we do to protect our blog contents? Lorelle has the best tips in dealing with this issue. Click on the blue button below if you want to know more.

I hope no one among you has gone through a similar case. What are your thoughts on issues like this?


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